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sustainable operations

Making the highest-grade skincare products and running an environmentally sustainable business need not be mutually exclusive. We know it because we live it…everyday. After all, without clean air, water, and soil, how can we have healthy bodies and gorgeous skin? This is why we are relentless about reducing our carbon footprint to the absolute minimum with some of the key components listed below:

100% SOLAR POWERED. As we strive to offset our entire carbon footprint, we take pride in knowing that our main facility encompassing manufacturing, storage, and fulfillment functions, doesn’t spew any greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Not quite carbon neutral, but we think this is a good start. What’s there not to like?

ZERO WASTE. Our rigorous waste diversion programs go beyond reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting efforts. We collaborate with other operations in our industrial complex to re-purpose their incoming packaging material for our outgoing packages. That’s why our customers may notice our “Packaging Potpourri” from one order to the next. As a result of this one initiative alone, we divert more trash away from landfills than we generate in our entire operations. What’s there not to like?

SINGLE-ROOF FACILITY. Instead of contract manufacturing, off-site processing, or third party fulfillment, we choose to do everything in-house. Why? Because to us, quality is everything. We know that no one will care about the quality of our products from procurement to storage to fulfillment like our own amazing employees. Other benefits include:

1. Right Size Production Runs. Not beholden to large minimum production quantities required by contract manufacturers, we decide the exact quantity of each batch production cycle. During busy times and for high volume items, we run bigger batches. But when the forecasted demand is low, we have the luxury to reduce the production quantities but maintain production frequencies to ensure maximum freshness of our products. No matter what product or when an order is placed, it is always made fresh. What’s there not to like?

2. Ideal Storage. Since our products are never stored in a distributor’s warehouse or other fulfillment location, we can ensure the highest possible quality by minimal shelf time, appropriate storage conditions, proper inventory rotation, and safe product handling. It takes forethought, diligence, and hard work to ensure the highest product quality….and we think it’s worth the effort. What’s there not to like?

3. Maximum Efficiency. Not only do we maximize quality through our single-roof operations, but also achieve excellent efficiencies by minimizing logistical complexities. What a great combination! What’s there not to like?