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All Gratitude

To everyone in the organic supply chain, without you, our bottles wouldn't be filled!

To all farm workers, processors, and purveyors of wholesome, natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and fair-trade ingredients…

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No Apologies

To everyone in the fossil fuel and petrochemical industries, without you, our planet wouldn't be on fire!

To ExxonMobile, ConAgra, Shell, DuPont, Bayer, Dow Chemical, Monsanto, BASF, and other leaders of global warming and environmental pollution…

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All Gratitude

To everyone in the organic supply chain, without you, our bottles wouldn’t be filled!

No Apologies

To everyone in the fossil fuel and petrochemical industries, without you, our planet wouldn’t be on fire!

carefully curated collections

A daily regimen of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing is essential to glowing, healthy, and vibrant skin. But each skin type has its own unique characteristics.

We have taken the guesswork out of selecting the right skincare and included a purse-friendly option when buying an entire regimen.

normal skin

oily skin

dry skin

combination skin

Discover what it means to be the skincare brand of

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common questions

I’ve noticed that you don’t offer discounts or sales on your website. Why?

Thank you for this great question. Our products are sized and priced to create maximum value for our shoppers at all times. We don’t believe in undersized bottles or overpriced products. To us, this sizing and pricing method embodies our genuine, honest, and transparent business practices.

However, we send out special offers to our followers from time to time. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for our newsletter, on the contact us page, to get notified of our specials.

How much water do you put into your products?

We put the absolute minimum amount to reconstitute the organic aloe vera juice content to 100% effective and not a drop more. So glad you asked. ☺

What’s the big deal with having the USDA Organic certification rather than just using self-proclaimed organic ingredients?

Use of organic ingredients is only one of [many] requirements for earning the USDA Organic Certification. USDA has strict standards to ensure the integrity of Certified Organic products that encompass procurement, production, storage, labeling, and distribution of products.

When it comes to authenticity, credibility, and transparency in making wholesome all-natural personal care products, there is no substitute for the credibility of the USDA Organic seal.

Is it true that you buyback bottles and re-use them?

Yes. It is. In our pursuit to minimize our carbon footprint, we have instituted the buy-back program for our US-based customers.

For each returned bottle, we put a $1 store credit on customer’s account on our website for use toward future purchases. We also cover the cost of returning the bottles to us.

Far from a novel idea, this is an old practice used commonly by milk and, dare we say, soft drink (e.g., Coca Cola) producers.

Do you really give 20% of your profits to charities? And to which charities do you give?

Truthfully, it is not us who give to the most deserving and underserved members of our society; it is our customers. In fact, AT LEAST 20% of our profits go to charities each year. To us, this is not a marketing ploy; it is an expression of who we are and what we stand for. And it is important that our shoppers know with whom they are doing business.

As for our primary charities, we give to Unicef and SmileTrain for their lifechanging work and their metric-driven approach.

You seem to favor fewer ingredients rather than having lots of ingredients. Why?

Fewer ingredients means higher concentrations of healthful botanical ingredients and, therefore, more efficacious products. Plain and simple.

Why are all of your moisturizers white instead of the ingredient colors?

Short answer:  Because our commitment to integrity prevents us from adding harmful colors, such as Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, or any other artificial color or fragrance to fool our customers.

Long answer:  While our in-house extracts of cranberry, goji berry, and rosehip do have a slight redness to them, when combined with aloe vera juice, the oils, and other actives, the redness fades significantly. After adding our all-natural emulsifier, its pure white color dominates the color of the finished product. With no harmful chemicals added to alter color of the finished product, it stays the pure white that you see in the bottle. Yet another proof that we are not shy about the authenticity of our products, transparency of our operations, and steadfast commitment to our principles.

Why do you use glass bottles that are heavy and can break instead of eco-friendly plastic?

Is this a trick question? Just like “clean coal”, “Eco-friendly plastic” is a total oxymoron. Until we educate whales, turtles, and other marine animals not to mistake plastics for food, there is no such thing as an eco-friendly plastic. Any claim to the contrary is always funded by the petro-chemical giants who are super-crafty with putting out misleading information about the harm their products cause. For a more thorough analysis of why glass is the only choice for us, visit our Smart Packaging page and don’t forget to send us your empty bottles for reuse via our Bottle Buy Back Program.  We acknowledge the risk of breakage associated with glass bottles and wish there was an easy answer for it. But compared to the prospect of having more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050, as predicted by scientists, if the current rate of 8 million metric tons of plastic dumped in oceans continues, an occasional broken glass seems like a small price to pay.

Sorry about the long answer, but this is important stuff.

What’s behind your company name, Blue Beautifly? You know it’s a real tongue twister!

Yes, we know it’s a tongue twister. But it symbolizes the essence of our company so closely that we just couldn’t let it go. Blue Beautifly is formed by nestling “beauty” in the center of “blue butterfly.” The breathtaking beauty of blue butterflies in Costa Rica is the inspiration behind the company name. The transformative nature of butterflies embodies the owners’ change from Fortune 500 corporate executives to entrepreneurs with a commitment to authenticity, integrity, and sustainability.

Now repeat after me: Blue. Beauty. Fly. Blue Beautifly. See. Not that hard after all. ☺

In a war between the color blue (with its myriad shades) and the butterfly family (with so many beautiful variations), who would win?

We would advise them to resolve their differences via mediation. History tells us that no war has ever ended with a winner, just losers of varying degrees.

Disclaimer.  This is not a real “common question.”  But it is inspired by the owners’ son who often asked similar abstract questions on family trips.

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Our Grapefruit Cleanser is infused with revitalizing grapefruit extract and a burst of citrusy aroma to energize your complexion and leave your skin with a healthy, radiant glow.

Free from harsh chemical ingredients, this Cleanser hydrates your skin while clarifying your pores and melting away makeup and debris.

#Glowingskin #Facial #Greenbeauty #Grapefruit #Effectiveskincare #USDAOrganic

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Blue Beautifly fabulous Sage Deodorant is 100% plant-based and it combats unpleasant odors and conditions the skin botanically with absolutely no petrochemicals/synthetics, antiperspirants, baking soda, or other harsh ingredients!

Good for your skin, body, and planet!

#Deodorant #NaturalDeodorant #Greenbeauty #nontoxic

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Foods can impact our physical and mental health, spirituality, and beauty.

Choose beautifying foods if you care about looking and feeling your very best. Be as consistent as possible and eat the most nutritious foods at each meal.

Eat more raw and plant-based foods, including colorful leaves, herbs, roots, fruits, seeds, and nuts. There is never a lack of raw plant foods at any season or any location that you are in. Fresh and raw foods give you all the nutrients, minerals, and protein your body needs.

Turn to nature for health and beauty.

Dr. Vida, Blue Beautifly CEO

@dr.vida_k #OrganicSkinCare #Vegan #Greenbeauty #Glowingskin

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Bilberry Antioxidant Mask is bursting with powerful antioxidants and vitamins to hydrate and tone the skin for a brighter, more radiant, and youthful complexion.

Use it once or twice a week, and your skin will look hydrated, bright, toned, and smooth.

#glowingskin #hydratedskin #Organicskincare #greenbeauty #BCorp @bran_georgia

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Enriched with potent botanicals from Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, such as amalaki, brahmi, bhringraj, fo-ti, and saw palmetto, as well as nurturing oils like castor, jojoba, green tea, and sesame, this serum draws upon ancient wisdom that has prescribed these herbs for over 5000 years to address scalp and hair loss challenges.

Dive into a luxurious, botanically-rich hair rejuvenation.

#Organicskincare #Longhair #Scalpoil #healthyhair #veganlife

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Are you ready to elevate your skincare experience to an enchanting realm of plant-based indulgence?

Unlock the beauty within with Blue Beautifly`s exquisite products, crafted with love and
care for you and the planet.

Discover the secret to timeless beauty with Blue Beautifly`s majestic masks.

#Love #Greenbeauty #Organicskincare #Skincareroutine #Bcorp

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Discover Calendula: Unlock Your Skin`s Natural Brilliance 🌼

Calendula is known for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant, and soothing properties. It fortifies the skin`s natural barrier and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dullness while calming redness, rashes, and irritation.

We`ve harnessed the benefits of calendula in two of our signature products, crafted for sensitive and mature skin type.

Organic Calendula Cleansing Oil. Whether used as a standalone cleanser or as the first step in your double cleansing ritual, Organic Calendula Cleansing Oil promises to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, illuminated, and velvety-smooth.

Organic Chamomile Night Oil Serum. This age-defying night serum delivers a supple and dewy complexion while moisturizing the skin deeply with potent floral extracts and regenerating exotic oils.

Indulge in 20% off our luxurious Organic Calendula Cleansing Oil and Organic Chamomile Night Oil Serum with Promo Code Calendula20

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To all the kind and loving mothers out there, may your day be filled with joy, love, and laughter!

Team Blue Beautifly

#love #mothersday #happymothersday #2024 #kind

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Simple but potent Spirulina Mask Powder.

This antioxidant-rich mask contains no fillers, preservatives, or additives—just 4 pure, simple, and potent ingredients.

It revitalizes and purifies the pores while soothing irritated skin with atopic dermatitis, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.

#Organicskincare #vegan #Bcorp #sustainability #Glowingskin

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Containing a high amount of vitamin A, C, and E, Organic Rosehip Oil Serum combats signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots while reducing the appearance of scars and UV damage. The phenols in rosehip seed oil offer antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that make it an ideal serum for congested and acne-prone skin.

Regular use of our luxurious Organic Rosehip Oil Serum will lead to a bright, youthful, and vibrant complexion.

#Veganskincare #Glowingskin #Greenbeauty #Brightening #bcorp

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Containing a high amount of vitamin A, C, and E, Organic Rosehip Oil Serum combats signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots while reducing the appearance of scars and UV damage. The phenols in rosehip seed oil offer antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that make it an ideal serum for congested and acne-prone skin.

Regular use of our luxurious Organic Rosehip Oil Serum will lead to a bright, youthful, and vibrant complexion.

#Veganskincare #Glowingskin #Greenbeauty #Brightening #bcorp

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Learn and save!

Blue Beautifly newsletters deliver expert knowledge on skincare and the benefits of organic botanical ingredients for your health and beauty. And if that’s not enough, each newsletter includes an exclusive discount offer.

#OrganicSkincare #Bcorp #NaturalSkincare #GlowingSkin #Greenbeauty

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What do you get when you infuse witch hazel extract into lavender water? An astringent and soothing toner!

Designed for normal, oily, or combination skin, this fabulous toner calms the skin and reduces irritation and redness while normalizing sebum production and fighting bacteria.

#Toner #Bcorp #organicskincare #veganskincare #glowingskin #Greenbeauty

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Blue Beautifly is committed to using only the purest, organic, plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free, and cruelty-free ingredients, ensuring a luxurious skincare experience you can trust.

Reveal your skin`s true potential with Blue Beautifly products, and embrace the beauty that shines through every day! Say goodbye to dull, dehydrated skin and hello to the radiant, glowing complexion you deserve.

#Veganskincare #Greenbeauty #Glowingskin #Luxuriousskin

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Our rigorous waste diversion programs go beyond reducing, reusing, recycling, and efforts. We collaborate with other operations in our industrial complex to re-purpose their incoming packaging material for our outgoing packages. That`s why our customers may notice our "Packaging Potpourri" from one order to the next. As a result of this one initiative alone, we divert more trash away from landfills than we generate in our entire operations.

What`s there not to like?

#zerowaste #BCorp #GreenBusiness #Sustanability #Vegan #OrganicSkincare #planet #environment

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Exfoliate your skin with our Pineapple Enzyme Exfoliant once or twice a week. ⠀

Bromelain enzyme in pineapple is a natural exfoliant. It sloughs away dead skin cells marvelously. It also provides brightening, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial benefits making your skin look luminous. ⠀

#BCorp #GreenBusiness #pineapple #OrganicSkincare #greenbeauty

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Are you looking for a pure, potent, and vegan hyaluronic acid serum that absorbs well into your skin?

With no added water, Blue Beautifly Rose Hyaluronic Serum contains vegan hyaluronic acid, glycerin, rosewater, and marine bark extract. It hydrates while combating signs of aging and protecting your skin against environmental impurities.

#Veganskincare #Healthyskin #Organicskincare #Glowing

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Organic Cacao Body Balm is loaded with nourishing and restoring omega-rich butters and oils, it is formulated to soothe irritated, dry, cracked, and distressed skin. Ideal for:

- Use in cold and dry conditions
- Accelerating wound healing
- Soothing sore nipples for breastfeeding moms
- Comforting baby rashes

#Cacao #greenbeauty #bodybutter #dryskin #beauty #veganskincarel

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Do you have oily and combination skin?

You need a super hydrating moisturizer that balances your skin`s sebum production while protecting it against premature aging and environmental pollution. ⠀ ⠀
Designed for oily and combination skin, Rosehip Moisturizer is filled with rosehip seed extract, rosehip seed oil, hyaluronic acid, and marine bark extract

#Veganskincare #Glowingskin #Organicskincare #Greenbeauty

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Special Deal for Special Mom!

Sending warm wishes to all the amazing moms out there! A mother`s love is a gem, shaping our hearts with tender care and guiding us with unwavering grace. Today, let`s honor these architects of dreams and guardians of hearts who nurture us every step of the way.

To celebrate their boundless love, we`re thrilled to offer a super special deal on our luxurious age-defying Organic Rosehip Oil Serum that is filled with the whole-plant essence of rosehip seed extract and oil. It is a treasure trove of protection, smoothing wrinkles, soothing irritation, and brightening pigmentation to nourish her precious skin.

For a super limited time, use Promo Code LoveMom50 for a $25 discount on Organic Rosehip Oil Serum PLUS $25 Cash Back for use toward a future purchase.

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Rosemary contains antioxidants, phytonutrients, and essential vitamins that are fabulous for your skin.

Containing powerful plant-based ingredients, Blue Beautifly Rosemary Cleanser refreshes, hydrates, cools, detoxifies, and combats bacteria, reduces inflammation, normalizes sebum production, and cleanses pores thoroughly. Last but not least, its aroma is uplifting and energizing.

#Greenbeauty #VeganSkincare #Glowingskin #Bcorp #Organisckincare #Nontoxic

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