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code of conduct

At Blue Beautifly, the mandate to adhere to our strict ethical code of conduct by our suppliers is non-negotiable.


Blue Beautifly is committed to the highest standards of environmental, social and ethical responsibility and conduct. Blue Beautifly requires each of its Vendors (as defined below) to comply with all of the principles in this Vendor Code of Conduct (“Code”). In addition, Vendors are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Where local laws conflict with this Code, Vendor shall always comply with the more restrictive one.

This Code outlines Blue Beautifly’s expectations, standards and requirements for Vendor conduct pertaining to the protection of human rights, the promotion of health, safety and safe working conditions, and responsible management practices related to environmental protection issues and high ethical standards.

Compliance by a Vendor with this Code is a condition of doing business with Blue Beautifly. For purposes of this Code, “Vendor” shall mean a vendor or supplier, and all of its subsidiaries and affiliates, including all Workers employed or engaged by any of the foregoing, who provide products to, and/or services for use by Blue Beautifly.

For purposes of this Code, “Worker” shall mean any employee, agent, contractor, subcontractor and other personnel of Vendor.

HUMAN RIGHTS.  Blue Beautifly believes all Workers deserve a fair and ethical workplace environment and must be treated with utmost dignity and respect. Accordingly, Vendor must treat its Workers with dignity and respect at all times and Vendor shall (a) uphold the highest standards of human rights, (b) provide a mechanism for reporting human rights violations and (c) where it is allowed by law, have a system that allows Workers to anonymously report concerns. Vendor shall ensure that the third-party recruitment agencies it uses are compliant with applicable provisions of this Code and the law.

  • Anti-Discrimination; Legal Right to Work. Vendor shall not discriminate against any Worker on the basis of race, age, disability, ethnicity, gender, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, social status, national origin, political or union affiliation, religion, sexual orientation in hiring and other employment practices or any other characteristic protected by local law, as applicable. Vendor’s hiring practices must include verification of Workers’ legal right to work in the country and ensure that all mandatory documents, including work permits, are timely obtained and available for inspection.
  • Anti-Harassment and Abuse. Vendor shall commit to providing a workplace free of physical, psychological, sexual or verbal abuse or other unlawful harassment. Threats or other forms of intimidation are prohibited.
  • Compensation and Working Hours. Vendors shall comply with applicable wage and hour labor laws and regulations governing Worker compensation and working hours. Workers with the same qualifications, skills, experience and performance shall receive equal pay for equal work in accordance with applicable labor laws.
  • Forced Labor. Vendor shall ensure that all work is voluntary. There shall be no trafficking of persons or use of any form of slave, forced or indentured labor. Involuntary labor includes the transportation, harboring, recruitment, transfer, receipt or employment of persons by means of threat, force, coercion, abduction, fraud or payments to any person having control over another person for the purpose of exploitation. Vendor shall not withhold Workers’ original government-issued identification and travel documents. Vendor shall ensure that any Workers’ contracts clearly convey the conditions of employment in a language understood by the Workers. Vendor shall not impose unreasonable restrictions on movement within the workplace or upon entering or exiting facilities.
  • Child Labor. Vendor may not employ persons who are below the applicable legal minimum age to work. Blue Beautifly recognizes that in some countries the legal minimum age may be younger than 18 years of age. Vendor may not employ persons under 18 years of age to perform work that might jeopardize their health, physical, mental, spiritual, moral, social, education, safety, or otherwise inconsistent with his/her personal development. Vendor shall not require child Workers to work overtime or perform night work and the best interests of the child shall be the primary consideration at all times.

HEALTH AND SAFETY.  Worker well-being is essential and Vendor shall provide a healthy and safe work environment for its Workers, including tolerable temperatures, noise levels, adequate ventilation, sufficient lighting, clean toilet facilities and drinkable water. Vendor shall take proactive measures that support accident prevention and minimize health risk exposure. Workers shall have the right to refuse unsafe work environments. Vendor shall provide Workers with appropriate workplace health and safety training and such information shall be posted in its facilities for view by Workers.

  • Enforcement and Tracking System. Vendor shall have a system for Workers to report health and safety incidents and unsafe working conditions without fear of retaliation. Such system shall be used to document, investigate, track and manage all incidents reported. Vendor shall implement corrective action plans to mitigate risks, provide necessary solutions and facilitate the health and safety of its Workers through any such incident.
  • Mitigating Health and Safety Hazards. Vendor shall identify, evaluate, and manage workplace health and safety hazards through a prioritized process of hazard elimination, engineering controls and/or administrative controls. If required for the performance of their duties and responsibilities, Vendor shall provide Workers with job-related, appropriately maintained personal protective equipment and instruction on its proper use.
  • Emergency Planning. Vendor shall identify and assess potential emergency situations affecting the health, safety and welfare of its Workers. For each situation, Vendor shall develop and implement emergency plans and response procedures that minimize harm to life, environment and property.

ENVIRONMENT.  Blue Beautifly is committed to protecting the environment and running environmentally sound operations. Vendor is expected to conduct its operations in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment, its customers, and Workers.

  • Reducing Environmental Impact. As and to the extent applicable to its operations, Vendor shall (a) make efforts to reduce energy, water, and natural resource consumption by implementing methods to conserve them and (b) develop, implement and maintain environmentally responsible business practices. Vendor shall minimize use of hazardous substances through implementation of substitution or reduction methods.
  • Adoption of Standards, Compliance with Laws, Permits. As and to the extent applicable to its operations, Vendor shall have a systematic approach to hazardous (and non-hazardous) substance management within its premises and an environmental management system (EMS). Any such system shall identify, manage, reduce, and responsibly dispose of or recycle hazardous (and non-hazardous) substances. Vendor shall ensure that its operations comply with local laws related to air emissions, water consumption, toxic substances and hazardous waste disposal. Vendor shall obtain, keep current and comply with all required environmental permits and shall comply with the reporting requirements of applicable permits and regulations.

ETHICS.  Blue Beautifly expects the highest standards of ethical conduct in its endeavors. Vendor shall always be ethical in every aspect of its business, including business practices, sourcing, operations and business relationships.

  • Anti-Corruption. No form of extortion or bribery, including improper offers for payments to or from Workers or organizations or kickbacks, is tolerated. This ban applies even if local laws permit such activity. Vendor shall not engage in corruption, extortion, embezzlement or bribery to obtain an unfair advantage and Vendor shall not provide Business courtesies, meals, entertainment, and gifts unless the item (a) is of nominal value, (b) is not paid in cash, (c) is consistent with customary business practices, (d) is not susceptible to being construed as a bribe or kickback and (e) is permissible under applicable law. Vendor shall abide by all applicable anti-corruption regulations and laws of the countries in which it operates, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and applicable international anti-corruption laws, rules and conventions.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.  Vendor is encouraged to foster social and economic contributions to the communities in which it operates or for other similar causes worldwide.