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Oh my goodness!

Oh my goodness! My skin has always been dry and sensitive, textured, etc. Since I’ve been using this line consistently it’s completely changed!

– Stephanie (May ’20)
Where has this been all my life?

I am a recent new blue beautifly purchaser. I purchased the chamomile oil and rosemary cleanser. It’s been probably 5 days now since I have been using those 2 and I love it. My skin has become so soft. I had visible pores which have reduced. Where has this been all my life?

– Roopa (May ’20)
finally found the perfect products

This brand is so close to my heart. You guys make my life brighter. Thank you for making magnifiqué and unique products. I’m in love with the chamomile serum, the oil scalp serum, and the deodorant. Wow, I finally found the perfect products. Thank you Blue Beautifly for the amazing job, dedication and quality in every single product. 

Yaki (Apr ’20)
nothing but kind

You are nothing but kind and I appreciate people and companies that spread that joy and take care of their customers!! I’ve used your products for about two years now and it has made a huge difference in my hair and skin so I appreciate all that you guys do to make it natural and smell so GOOD!!

– Adair (Apr ’20)
Utterly Amazed! WOOOW!

From start to finish my experience with BlueBeautifly has been utterly heavenly…. I emailed with questions on how to use their products to achieve the best results and I was given a full email with instructions and tips within hours! when the product arrived it was wrapped beautifully not to mention it traveled half way around the world to me and arrived in 2 days!!! when I finally tried the scalp oil treatment I was blown away! my hair has never! and I mean never felt so soft and hydrated….. I adore.. no no I just loooooove this company its a dream come true! and really I cannot wait to try their whole skin care range too!

thank you for creating an amazing product and such amazing customer service too!!

Instagram as proof of client – Aminaelagamy 🙂

– Amina (Apr ’20)
Want to share y’all with the world

I am truly amazed with your products. I follow holistic habits and I saw her video she shared on blue beautifly. I was a little bit skeptical because I wasn’t sure how effective natural products would be for anti aging. I was also skeptical because I didn’t know if I would see a true difference with my skin texture and problems. I was pleasantly surprised to see a huge difference within 3 days of using the cranberry moisturizer and green coffee eye cream. My skin felt tight but moisturized and it was glowing! I decided to add in the chamomile oil in my routine because I wanted to deeply nourish my skin at night. I received the grapefruit cleanser sample in the package and decided to try that out. I really loved how it totally cleansed my face and took of allllll my makeup without irritating my eyes. I needed a body moisturizer post shower so I added the arnika moisturizer and wow does it absorb into the skin quickly! It also smells incredible! I previously was using Fresh Skincare but I wanted to switch to organic vegan products that would really make a difference in my skin. Plus I love holistic habits and try to follow her routine 💕 thank you guys so much for creating this brand – I think y’all are amazing 🦋

– Yashna (Feb ’20)
honestly and truly the best!

Y’all will forever have me as a loyal customer. Your customer service and quality in products are honestly and truly the best!

– Jennifer (Source: Email, Jan ’20)
Weightless, clean, effective

Thanks for making something my very sensitive skin can rave about. You have no idea how hard it’s been to find products like these. Weightless, clean, effective + everything smells amazing!

– Suzana (Source: Email, Dec ’19)
I really like ... you guys.

I really like your products also the way you guys are. Gracias!

– Jennifer (Source: Note on order, Sep ’19)

Your products look spectacular & the ingredients are just the way I like them, GREEN and CLEAN [green heart]

– Karmela (Source: IG, Aug ’19)
Best skin products I have ever used!!!

Thank you soooooo much!!!! Your guys are amazing! Thank you for making the best skin products I have ever used!!!

– Jeanette (Source: Email, Jul ’19)
We can save our planet from some waste.

I’m sending you these two empty bottles hoping you can resuse them and we can save our planet from some waste.

Thank you for your amazing products and loving service.

– Veronica (Source: Handwritten note, Apr ’19)
Green Tea
Truly one of a kind ingredient lists in every single product and they smell divine.

Your products are insane, truly one of a kind ingredient lists in every single product and they smell divine. I have never had or seen anything like this…. Thank you for existing and for making such quality products.

– Jen (Source: Email, Jan ’19)
Love your stuff!

Repeat customer! We love your stuff!

– Libby (Source: Note on order, Dec ’18)
Blue Beautifly saved my skin in so many ways - it stops the itchiness, it moisturizes the dryness, and most importantly it’s extremely personalized to fit me.

I spent almost my entire life, visiting numerous amounts of doctors, using a range of steroid creams to help ease the itchiness, dryness, and overall irritation that came with my eczema. While steroids suppressed my eczema for a time being, it wasn’t short until my next flare up came. As I grew older I was searching for ways to long term heal my eczema and along the way I came to learn how harmful long term steroid use was on the skin and body. Every doctor and dermatologist I ever turned to, pointed me to some steroid cream. I was at a loss. However, one thing I was sure of was that I never wanted to apply anything on my eczema that I wasn’t sure what was exactly in it. I just did not know where to turn.

Then, I luckily learned about Blue Beautifly. This is the first skin care brand that didn’t just look at my skin and its symptoms, but at me, as a whole person. They worked closely with me to figure out what the best products were for my skin. Not only did they provide a natural product that my skin absolutely loves, but they also guided me to implement a skin care routine which I had been missing my entire life. Blue Beautifly saved my skin in so many ways – it stops the itchiness, it moisturizes the dryness, and most importantly it’s extremely personalized to fit me. Having eczema, I was shocked by how much I didn’t know about my own skin. Blue Beautifly isn’t just a company that sells products, but also an educational tool that truly has made my life, and skin, improve in ways I could never imagine.

– Isabelle (Source: Email, May ’18)
Thank you for being so kind and to provide to us such a wonderful products!

I just want to thank you for everything! The package is perfect, the product is very well packaged and protected, and also the shipment was very fast!

When I had a question, the answer was very quick and kind: D

I’m sure I’ll buy again soon, thank you for being so kind and to provide to us such a wonderful products!

– Cristina (Source: Email, Jan ’18)
Loving the fact that all the lovely ingredients are natural and organic.

Thank you so much for my blue beautifly scalp serum. I have used it once so far and my scalp, which is easily eczema prone, drank it up and cooled down immediately. My scalp has been waiting for a product like yours and the relief it feels is obvious. Thank you also for the goody bag of samples that you sent and I look forward to using them all, loving the fact that all the lovely ingredients are natural and organic, so very well done for producing such truly gorgeous products.

– Jennifer (Source: Email, Oct ’17)

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