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sustainable practices

It is our steadfast conviction that financial viability and caring for our land, communities, and non-human creatures are not incongruent.  To the contrary, we believe that, as a responsible corporate citizen, we must be mindful of the impact of our business on those whom we serve and those who serve us. As such, we ensure that our practices and those of our business partners meet the highest standards of sustainability for every being. 

We urge you to demand the same of all other enterprises that seek to earn your business. Together we can work toward ending unnecessary suffering, unfair labor practices, and destructive land management methods. Below are the ways that we practice sustainability for our planet and fellow earthlings in every aspect of our business:

HONORING ALL WORKERS.  We are relentless in ensuring that our suppliers are every bit as vigilant about fair treatment of workers and ethical business conduct as are we. As such, we obsess over ensuring that our suppliers adhere to our strict Supplier Code of Conduct so that everyone who plays a part in making the best skincare on the planet is treated respectfully and compensated fairly. What’s there not to like?

PROTECTING THE LAND.  USDA’s Integrity Database is a testament to our commitment that every acre of land used to grow the botanical ingredients for our products is managed with utmost care. Organic farming doesn’t just produce healthier harvests, it also prevents soil erosion, water contamination, and air pollution. And you know those little guys that are responsible for all pollinations (aka bees), they don’t do so well with harsh pesticides and fertilizers that are applied in obscene quantities in so-called conventional farmingWhat’s there not to like?

SUPPORTING OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY AND ECONOMY. When it comes to selecting suppliers, every mile counts. We are ferocious in ensuring that our purchases have the maximum positive impact on the local economy and the lowest adverse impact on the environment. As such, we work closely with as many local small businesses as possible to ensure that our operations benefit local businesses by creating economic churn in our community while minimizing our carbon footprint. What’s there not to like?

LIFTING UP THE LESS FORTUNATE.  Every day, we enjoy blessings to which many around the world don’t have access. It is for this reason that we donate a minimum of 20% of our profits to causes for advancing the well-being of disadvantaged women and children around the world. What’s there not to like?

CARING FOR ANIMALS.  Our extensive field investigation and exhaustive interviews have revealed that the non-human members of the animal kingdom are opposed to being tortured for testing of harmful chemicals. Furthermore, they object to having their bodies (or derivatives thereof) used for consumption by humans without their expressed written consent in advance. Therefore, we pledge to No animal ingredients and No testing of our products on animals. Not by us. Not by our suppliers. Not by our resellers. Not Now. Not Ever. Period. Then again, unlike the corporate conglomerates that will do anything for the sake of maximizing short-term profits, we actually care. What’s there not to like?