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Dry Skin

Dry skin feels tight, looks dehydrated, and lacks moisture and luster. It can get flaky, red, and sensitive occasionally. The lines are usually more predominant and the complexion can look dull. Although people with dry skin typically have smaller pores, they can get clogged with lack of proper care. Dry skin produces insufficient sebum due to underactive sebaceous glands.

The good news is that with a little care, dry skin can be every bit as vibrant as any other skin.

Skincare Regimen



Rosemary Cleanser

It is important to remove dust and impurities with gentle cleanser every morning to ensure absorption of hydrating and nourishing products.



Organic Rose Toner

After cleansing, spray toner on your skin to refresh and balance its pH.



Rose Hyaluronic Serum

Hydration is an important step for dry skin. Therefore, applying a drop or two of hydrating serum to your skin every morning is essential.



Organic Rosehip Oil Serum

To improve and strengthen your skin sebum production and enhance its moisture level, massage two or three drops of an omega-rich oil serum that is filled with natural vitamin A and C. During the day, if your skin gets dry, press one drop of your oil serum into the dry sections of your skin. This can be done over your makeup.



Goji Berry Moisturizer
Green Coffee Eye Moisturizer

Your skin needs an emulient moisturizer that absobs quickly into your skin to keep it hydrated, soft, and suple throughout the day. Blue Beautifly moisturizers also protect your skin against free radicals and pollution while targeting signs of aging. Apply a few drops to your face every morning. During the day, if your skin gets dry, press one or two pumps of moisturizer into the dry sections of your skin. This can be done over your makeup. To keep your skin beautiful every day, moisturize the delicate skin around your eyes.



Organic Calendula Cleansing Oil
Rosemary Cleanser

Just alike any other skin types, dry skin needs to be free of dust and toxins to breathe and renew. Immediately after returning home for the day, cleanse your face to clear the pores. If you wore makeup or SPF, consider a double-cleanse with an oil cleanser as the first step, followed by a cream cleanser.


Tone & Hydrate

Organic Rose Toner
Rose Hyaluronic Serum

After cleansing, apply your toner and hydrating serum as done in the morning.



Organic Chamomile Night Oil Serum

To strengthen your skin's natural renewal function, massage your skin with soothing and nourishing oil serum every night. Massageing your skin will encourage blood flow and oxygen supply, relax your muscles and nervous system, and promote a healthier skin.



Goji Berry Moisturizer
Green Coffee Eye Moisturizer

To keep your skin moisturized and seal in its hydration throughout the night, apply a few drops of moisturizer. If your skin feels very dry, combine your moisturizer with one drop of your oil serum in the palm of your hand any then apply the mixture to your skin. Moisturize the skin around your eyes to combat signs of aging.



Pineapple Enzyme Exfoliant

Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells, clean the pores, and refresh your complexion once or twice a week.


Apply Mask

Bilberry Antioxidant Mask
Papaya Enzyme Mask
Hibiscus Mask Powder
Spirulina Mask Powder

Apply anti-aging and rejuvenating masks to your skin once or twice a week. Treating your skin with nutrient-rich masks at home keeps your skin healthy and vibrant and provides serenity, self-love, and relaxation.