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Organic Rose Toner


(10 customer reviews)

Organic Rose Toner


Organic Rose Toner freshens and energizes the skin with the revitalizing and restoring qualities of rose.

Immerse in a sensational love affair with Organic Rose Toner!


Anti-aging Benefits Skin Types
  • Hydrates
  • Refreshes
  • Soothes
  • All Skin Types
  • Sensitive
  • Irritated


Key Ingredients

Blue Beautifly Certified Organic Toners, containing organic hydrosols, offer total nutritional values of the plants with no added water or dilution. With the power to refresh, hydrate, and awaken the skin, they reveal your natural beauty from inside out and uplift your mind and soul.

Organic Rose Hydrosol. Full of vitamins A and C, phytonutrients, and antioxidants, rose hydrosol balances skin’s pH, calms, hydrates, and reduces redness. It serves as a free radical scavenger to combat premature aging. Its divine aroma adds to its stress-relieving effects.

All Ingredients

Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Water*, Alcohol (Grape)*

* Certified Organic

How to Apply

After washing your face with one of the Blue Beautifly cleansers, close your eyes and spritz a few squirts to the entire face.

Avoid getting into the eyes.

Pause and enjoy the serotonin produced in your body from the refreshing aroma.

Follow with Blue Beautifly serums and moisturizers.

Use morning, night, or any time during the day.

Helpful Hint

Excellent as a pick-me-up at any time during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of regular toning?

Generally speaking, toners hydrate, refresh, and balance the skin’s pH level. Botanical toners made of steam distilled hydrosols contain plants’ total nutritional and aromatherapeutic values in every drop. To ensure maximum efficacy, our toners are never diluted with added water.

What is the best time to apply my toner?

The best time to apply your toner is right after cleansing and just before applying serums and moisturizers. Of course, it is always good to keep a bottle handy for a hydration boost throughout the day.

What are the benefits of rose water for the skin?

Rosewater is the best natural skin toner as it has been used for more than 2,000 years by ancient cultures and medicines. Rosewater contains four major polyphenolic compounds: flavonoids, tannins, saponin, and triterpenoids that are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial effects.

Product Reviews

10 reviews for Organic Rose Toner

  1. raeroo (verified owner)

    I use this toner so much that I’m already halfway through my bottle! I’m a big fan of the witch hazel toner, but this one is slightly more hydrating (which is really helpful if you have ultra-dry skin like me). I use it in the morning and night (and then sometimes during the middle of the day as a pick-me-up), and I just love it! It adds a nice base of hydration before serums and moisturizer, which I really like. Smells great as well!!

  2. mari (verified owner)

    I’ve been a devoted Blue Beautifly customer for the past 2 years and have loved every single product I’ve purchased. I love their products so much that I believe I’ve repurchased every single product that I used up; the Rose Toner is one such product. I love the clean, organic ingredients, I love how refreshed I feel when I spray it after cleansing my face with either their Rosemary or Grapefruit cleanser, and I love the scent. Most importantly, I love the customer service. Recently, there was a mixup with my order and after contacting the Blue Beautifly team, they immediately addressed the issue and made it right. Clean, effective products and great, caring customer service is why I will continue to buy Blue Beautifly.

  3. Chronically.Organic (verified owner)

    BEST. EVER. !! Blue Beautifly’s toners are absolutely amazing !! I never found toners useful because they didn’t add anything as far as results to my skincare routine UNTIL I tried Blue Beautifly’s beautiful line of products. This rose water toner does so many wonderful things for my skin !! Instantly hydrates, refreshes, and gives my skin a beautiful glow !! The PERFECT base before adding my Blue Beautifly face oils/serums and moisturizers. I also LOVE giving my hair a little refreshing spritz with this rose water toner, my skin and hair just soak it right up !! There is a drastic difference in my face, body, and hair since using Blue Beautifly’s line of amazing products. Trust me, you need these beautiful products in your life !! It’s the ONLY face/hair/body care brand I buy. Try it! You’ll have the skin you always dreamed of

  4. rosadocoyle (verified owner)

    The Rose Toner works wonders for my face. I’ve used toners very little in the past, but they never usually work for my face so I stopped for a while, but THIS Rose Toner DID work for my face! It smooths my face and creates almost a nice smooth canvas for my serums and moisturizers to go on easy and smooth. The smell is so refreshing. Its almost like I’m getting aromatherapy while doing my facial routine. My face routine would not feel complete without the toner. It’s funny how toners didn’t work for my face before, but now I can’t think of doing my routine without a toner. Specifically Blue Beautifly’s toner. I will only continue purchasing my face products from here. I’m going to look damn good when I am 40 years old. The future is healthy, organic, and radiant with Blue Beautifly.

  5. steph.vizzi (verified owner)

    I’ve been without toner for years because my sensitive skin would react so poorly to them. This beautiful rose toner is so gentle and makes me GLOW! I will be keeping this in my routine from now on!

  6. mbrownramirez1844

    From my experience one of the best ways to tone the face is with a good rose water to balance the ph. I have been using rise water to tone my face for years. This one by Blue Beautifly is a good one! Definitely give it a try and you will learn to love it!

  7. guszkaszaefer (verified owner)

    Rose Toner is amazing !!! I love the smell !!!!!

  8. guszkaszaefer (verified owner)

    Rose Toner is amazing !!! I love the smell !!!!!

  9. mbrownramirez1844

    I needed a good toner and definitely found one on this product. Rose water is used and raved about in several countries and cultures in the world. The alcohol is minimal in this product and makes it so that I don’t have to refrigerate it to keep it from turning bad. Awesome toner.

  10. mbrownramirez1844

    When I was young my mom sent me to a beauty school. One of the things I learned was to keep healthy skin and before application of makeup, one needs a good healthy cleanser, something to tone the skin and then afterward a moisturizer. I bought something from Blue Beautifly and with the package they sent samples, one of which was the hydrating cleanser which worked wonders on my face, so I bought it. I recently ordered the Rose Toner. It is so cooling and tones my skin very well. I don’t really like my moisturizer (it is not from Blue Beautifly) so i just purchased Blue Beautifly’s antioxident serum and cant wait to use it as my moisturizer. Blue Beautifly is an impressive company on the cutting edge of natural skin care. I just gave my sister the Beautifly scalp treatment and she loves it! I will continue to recommend Blue Beautifly to everyone I know.

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