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Organic Amalaki Scalp Oil Serum


(60 customer reviews)

Organic Fortifying Scalp Oil Serum


Organic Amalaki Scalp Oil Serum nourishes hair follicles with its unique blend of herbal extracts used by Ayurveda and Chinese medicines while its omega-rich oils condition the scalp.

Whether your hair is natural, permed, bleached, or dyed, this potent scalp oil serum will strengthen the roots, protect the strands, and soften the hair. Its unique blend of amino acids and essential nutrients nourish your hair follicles at the root, giving you soft and conditioned hair that is vibrant, strong, and healthy.

Indulge your hair with the goodness of Organic Amalaki Scalp Oil Serum!


Benefits Skin Types
  • Conditions
  • Soothes
  • Nourishes
  • All Scalp Types
  • Sensitive
  • Irritated


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Key Ingredients

Blue Beautifly Certified Organic Hair and Scalp Oil Serum is formulated to strengthen hair roots, nourish hair follicles, condition the scalp for full, healthy, and vibrant hair growth.

Organic Amalaki. Rich in vitamin C, emblicanin A and B, bioflavonoids, tannins, and phenols, it clarifies and stimulates the roots to promote hair growth.

Organic Brahmi. Rich in vitamin C, alkaloids, saponins, and flavonoids, it strengthens the roots, moisturizes the scalp, and reduces hair loss and aids in regrowth. It purifies the follicles, balances sebum, and removes dandruff.

Organic Fo-Ti. With its anthraquinones, phospholipids, tannins, and tetrahydroxystilbene glucoside, it strengthens the follicles and stimulates blood flow, aiding in hair growth.

Organic Saw Palmetto. With beta-sitosterol, phytosterols, flavonoids, and fatty acids, it enhances hair quality and density by improving the follicles and scalp. It helps to prevent hair loss. It reduces scalp inflammation, preventing eczema and psoriasis.

All Ingredients

Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil*, Camellia Oleifera (Green Tea) Seed Oil*, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil*, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil*, Limonene**, Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit (Amalaki) Extract*, Bacopa Monniera (Brahmi) Extract*, Eclipta Prostrata (Bhringraj) Leaf Extract*, Polygonum Multiflorum (Fo-Ti) Root Extract*, Serenoa Serrulata (Saw Palmetto) Fruit Extract*, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil*, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil*, Citrus Sinensis (Orange) Peel Oil Expressed*, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract*, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil*, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil*, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract*, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Linalool**, Geraniol**, Citral**

* Certified Organic
** Naturally occurring in essential oils

How to Apply

Apply serum directly to scalp at the hair root in sections.

Once application is complete, massage the entire head and comb through hair.

Leave in for a minimum of 30 minutes and then shampoo.

Use two to three times a week initially.

Helpful Hints

It is perfectly fine to leave in overnight or longer. Just put a towel over your pillow to prevent staining.

To control the amount of oil dispensed, fill the pipette to no more than 1/3 of its capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Organic Amalaki Scalp Oil Serum interfere with my hair dye?

Of the thousands and thousands of customers who have used this product, many have asked this same question and none have reported any impact to their hair color.  So our conclusion is that it won’t have an impact on your hair color either. 

There are lots of positive reviews on this product. What is in it that makes it so effective?

The formulation secret of this product is in its blend of three complementary ingredient groups to condition the scalp, fortify hair follicles, and revitalize hair strands:

Herbal Extracts. It contains Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine herbal extracts, such as Amalaki, Brahmi, Fo-Ti, saw palmetto, and rosemary that are known for their hair strengthening properties.

Essential oils. This product is enriched with intentionally selected essential oils that are known for their benefits to improve scalp and hair conditions.

Omega-rich carrier oils. Green tea seed, castor, argan, sesame, and jojoba oils serve a multitude of functions in this product as they are excellent sources of nutrients and have penetrative properties to deliver the goodness of herbal extracts and essential oils through the outer epidermal layer.

What are the specific benefits of herbal extracts in this product?

Each herbal extract delivers a unique, yet complementary, benefit for a healthy and vibrant hair and scalp as listed below:

Amalaki.  Amalaki, also known as amla or Indian gooseberry, is rich in vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants. It has been used by Ayurvedic medicine for its scalp and hair nourishing and strengthening properties for thousands of years. Recent research studies confirm Amalaki’s efficacy in promoting hair health and boosting regrowth.

Brahmi.  Brahmi, also called bacopa, is an Ayurvedic herb.  Although more commonly known for learning, information retention, and memory improvements, it is also prescribed by Ayurveda medicine for its hair beautifying properties. It contains alkaloids that activate proteins responsible for hair growth.

Saw Palmetto.  Saw palmetto has been used by Chinese Medicine and Native Americans for many health issues, including hair loss.

Though lacking extensive laboratory test data to prove its efficacy for hair regrowth, it has been used for centuries by ancient sciences, with the knowledge and accumulated practice passing from generation to generation.  It is noteworthy that saw palmetto hair supplements are prescribed by dermatologists extensively as a hair growth supplement for its essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants content.

Fo-ti.   A recent clinical study on fo-ti, also called He Shou Wu and scientifically known as Polygonum multiflorum, showed increased viability and mitochondrial activity in cultured human dermal papilla cells resulting in promotion of hair growth.

Dermal papilla cells are specialized mesenchymal cells at the bottom of hair follicles that play pivotal roles in hair formation, growth, and cycling.

In Chinese medicine, fo-ti has been used as a longevity tonic to prevent premature aging, combat hair loss and graying, and other health issues.

Product Reviews

60 reviews for Organic Amalaki Scalp Oil Serum

  1. achats.paloma (verified owner)

    I love it !! I really appreciate the bottle format + that smell ! Makes me feel fresh even before I’ve showered. And what to say about the powerfull ingredients in there. 100% recommend.

  2. Paulina Runke (verified owner)

    While I love the product and have been buying it for a few years now, it’s become unaffordable to buy from bluebeautifly as a Canadian. The cost of shipping is almost 50% of the cost of the product itself. Add duties and taxes we pay on top with Fedex delivery (typically around $12 CAD), and the additional fees on payment for conversion, this ends up costing close to $100 for 4oz of product. I’ll come back when it’s more affordable for us North of the border.

    • Blue Beautifly

      Dear Paulina,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with other shoppers, regarding the excessive shipping cost to Canada.

      We wanted to let you know that since your previous order, we have partnered with Fedex to make our international shipments convenient, reliable, and cost-effective. For Canada, our flat shipping fee of $23 ($28, all other international destinations) covers all costs, including import fees, for every purchase regardless of size or value.
      Plus, our Canadian shoppers enjoy free shipping (including import fees) for purchases of $125 or more; $175 for all other international shoppers.

  3. Tessa Macleod (verified owner)

    I am on my third bottle! Smells amazing and has made me hair shinier and stronger.

  4. maggie.herrera (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness! This is pure divine. I have been using this regularly and have so much new growth, the baby hairs! The scent is absolutely lovely. I also use on my eyebrows and wow! Thank you. I can’t wait to try your other products.

  5. Tiffany Jacobs (verified owner)

    Best oil! I have purchased this twice so far and will continue to replenish my stock. My baby hairs have grown quite a bit, my hair is nourished wonderfully. I recommend this to everyone I know

  6. bahvmi (verified owner)

    I am on my third bottle of the Amalaki Scalp serum! This is liquid gold for my hair and scalp! I love the smell and how nourished my hair looks and feels. I initially bought this to help promote hair growth as I had just cut off the last strands of relaxed hair. Coincidentally I was also going through some stress related alopecia at the crown of my head. I massaged the serum into the bald spots everyday for about 4 months and saw so much growth. By the time I had used up the first bottle my hair had grown out enough to blend nicely with the rest of my hair. I now use this once or twice a week and it keeps my hair moisturized and growing. You do need to massage the oil serum into your scalp to increase blood flow if you’re wanting more hair growth. I also put a few drops of this into the henna that I use to color my hair. It makes the henna smell better and also makes it easier to rinse out. I really love this product and even bought my son a bottle to use for his dry scalp and he loves it too. Thank you so much blue beautifly for making this organic product that has been so good for my hair!

  7. analiabiundo

    I am so obsessed with this product! My hair stylist even mentioned how thicker and softer my hair felt. I had less frizzy hair as well after one use. The refreshing minty smell is not overpowering and it’s such a light oil. I even use it on my ends just to keep my hair from being super dry! 10/10

  8. pretty_hairs_nails (verified owner)

    Muy buena atencion a un suero muy ligero y huele delicioso.nutre muy bien el cabello tengo k usarlo mas para una reseña mas completa pero hasta ahora me encanta

  9. musicon44t (verified owner)

    LOVE this scalp treatment. It’s the only one I use. It was a major help in growing out my hair wonderfully. It adds a very nice shine and makes my hair feel soft and healthy. I’ve been using it for two years, and will absolutely continue to do so in the future!

  10. Darian Abraham (verified owner)

    WOW! This scalp oil is the real deal! After using this consistently for months my hair has never felt healthier in my life! I always struggled with tangles having long curly hair. This product makes my life easier by providing the smooth nourishment that my hair needs! I have improved texture and lots of new hair growth. I am truly amazed and will continue to use every last drop of this oil as it has lasted me! Your hair will thank you for buying this and a little oil going a long way!

  11. stephanienicholerosario

    In March I started noticing my 3 month old son had this patch on the back of his skull it almost looked like eczema tbh I have no idea but it was always red, inflamed, flakey and his hair was not growing on that one section. This oil not only took care of the flake and redness but within a month of using it his hair is finally growing. I absolutely love this product it smells so nice and I feel so much better using this on my babies head knowing that the ingredients are pure. I wish I could upload before and after pictures. My hair was as well falling out like crazy due to post partumn and I can happily say the the amount of hair falling out has decreased by a lot. Highly recommend

  12. nikkimarie (verified owner)

    I am leaving this second review (because its not allowing me to remove my first review). After leaving my review, the company saw my issue and realized all my emails had gone to their spam folder and they hadn’t seen my issues I had. They were incredibly kind, and helped to resolve the issue very swiftly and professionally. I was very impressed by their customer service and they were able to get me a replacement and refund, which came yesterday with extra padding in the packaging. I am so beyond happy with the product and customer service, thank you so much I really appreciate it. If I could remove the first review I would, and for anyone reading this, please disregard the first review I left just below, because the company just hadn’t seen my emails, and once they did they very kindly stepped in and helped resolve everything. Thank you again so much, I will be a continued customer!

  13. nikkimarie (verified owner)

    This has been the worst experience of any company i have ever purchased from. I purchased the Amalaki scalp oil, and it arrived damaged with the oil leaked all through the packaging, soaking through to the outside. I have sent customer service 6 emails over 8 days, and have gotten no response. I asked for a replacement or refund, and have not received any response. Do not buy from this company. Terrible experience!!!! Very upset.

  14. angela

    This oil is a treat. It stimulates the scalp and the scent is delicious. My husband began using this to calm flaky scalp and what we’ve seen after using it for a few years regularly is he has minimal greying, new hair growing in from areas where there was hair loss and lush hair growth that makes him look years younger. Lush hair is the attribute of healthy youthful vitality. It is offers that radiance which is so desirable. This is worth the effort! ❤️

  15. skabyn

    Shipping was fast and customer service was amazing! This scalp oil treatment smells amazing, hydrates my scalp and has reduced itching, irritating and dry flakes after two uses. The oil isn’t heavy and is easy to work through scalp and brush through hair. I love the ingredients included- as it contains all the ones I found in my research to support healthy scalp environment and promote hair growth. I removed 1 star just because the pipette always falls out of the top of the dropper and I’m worried one of these times it will break/not be able to be put back into place. Amazing product and I will repurchase when I get through my first bottle!

  16. alloyam7job44 (verified owner)

    Very beautiful product every thing is perfect, except the FedEx cost is double price of the product . Very satisfied with my purchase ❤️

  17. D H (verified owner)

    I’ve been using a scalp oil treatment from a different company for a couple of years, but I was looking for something less thick and more liquid. I appreciate that this is formulated without coconut oil as I don’t react well to coconut oil. It’s a bit tricky to apply as the oil drips quickly out of the dropper (thus the 4 star rating instead of 5) and I don’t want to touch the dropper tip to my hair/head so I don’t contaminate the oil with any dirt from my hair. Aside from that, I mostly smell the peppermint and lavender oils while it sits on my hair for a couple of hours, and my hair is wonderfully soft after I wash it out. I plan to continue using this oil.

    • Blue Beautifly

      Thank you so much for your candid review. Based on your feedback, we have added the following Helpful Hint to the Product page: “To control the amount of oil dispensed, fill the pipette to no more than 1/3 of its capacity.” We hope this addresses the dripping issue with the applicator.

  18. elena.gudine (verified owner)

    I am a new customer and recently purchased the Amalaki scalp oil. Overall, the product is good, feels great on my skin however, my only concern is that on the website it is clearly indicated that the shipment is free with a purchase of $75 (my case). Well, today I got an invoice from FedEx! it is very misleading if I am required to pay for shipment- it is not free then.

    • Blue Beautifly

      Thank you for sharing this important information regarding in-country import fees with other international shoppers as no one likes unexpected fees. Our shipping fees (or free shipping) covers the cost of transportation of the package from our facility to its destination, exclusive of the import fees (e.g., customs, duties, tariffs, VAT, GST) that are collected by the freight company upon entry of the order into its destination country.

  19. lauren.924

    The BEST scalp oil !! Smells heavenly and works even better !! Also comes in a pretty big bottle so you don’t have to worry about running out quickly !! The moment this oil touches my skin I feel relief. My scalp and hair LOVE this stuff and soaks it right up !! I noticed less hair fall out immediately after using this product AND I swear it feels like it has helped increase blood flow to my scalp (which is WONDERFUL for someone like me whose trying to grow their hair out). This product is wonderful and really works !! It’s a staple product of mine

  20. jaydejasna (verified owner)

    I’m usually not one to write reviews but I absolutely love this product!! Recently I’ve been super into taking care of my hair and have always favoured natural products. I kept it in overnight and my hair was so soft and shiny & my scalp/hair just felt healthier in general. It’s been 3 days since I applied it and my hair is still soft. Super grateful for companies that make products like these. Thank you blue beautifly!

  21. roseneha80

    Such an amazing product.!!I was facing flaked skin problem but in just two use of this problem resolved this. I tried so many products but nothing worked. .i was looking something natural and ayurvedic, very happy with its contents. Loved the fragrance too!! Thank you bluebeautifly for providing sachet gifts inside. Will definitely try other products as well

  22. Ashley-Marie Figuereo (verified owner)

    It feels like a luxury spa treatment! The scent is lovely. I’m amazed by how this oil contains so many healthy hair ingredients and is still lightweight. It arrived in environmentally friendly packaging and customers service is very kind and helpful. It will take time & patience to see how it affects hair growth, but so far I’m loving how this oil nourishes my scalp & ends. Absolutely worth it and overall wonderful experience with this company. Highly recommend! 🙂

  23. alinamanolov (verified owner)

    THIS GOT RID OF MY DANDRUFF AND ITCHY SCALP!! After years of trying product after product, I’ve finally found the one that got rid of my dandruff. This stuff is amazing

  24. Ranjith Thogiti (verified owner)

    We tried so many products for the hair and scalp. Finally we found this , we used it for 41 days till now and reduced hair fall , visible change in hair growth and makes hair feel smooth and soft . My scalp dandruff free and healthy now we are looking for skin pigmentation, please suggest and thanks for your scalp oil.

  25. Ranjith Thogiti (verified owner)

    We are looking for the best products for hair and skin pigmentation . Finally we found this smells great, reduces hair fall, can see visible change in new hair growth. Thanks to bluebeautifly

  26. mountaingirl (verified owner)

    I don’t have any scalp problems or major hair concerns, but I’ve been on a journey of growing out my hair long and healthy. I heard wonderful things about this scalp oil so decided to splurge. It feels so refreshing and I love the invigorating scent! I use this every couple weeks and usually leave it in overnight. I have no problem washing it out the next day. It feels like I’m getting a spa treatment every time I use it.

  27. laciereynolds24

    I won this from a Holistic Habits giveaway… and I had no idea it’d smell this good!!!! It smells like the best tea ever. I’ve always wanted to try this but could never afford it. The bottle is actually huge and the fact that you can send it back to have it be reused is awesome. I think this paired with other treatments will do wonders for the hair. Thanks to her I’ve bought a hotheads cap and now I’ve won this!! this brand really knows how to make their products accessible.

  28. chrystal caban (verified owner)

    I don’t get it. There are so many good reviews but I didn’t notice any of these with my hair. I even waited and used the entire bottle before I made a review or decision that it didn’t work well. I didn’t see any changes in my hair and it didn’t help with dry scalp.

    • Blue Beautifly

      Dear Chrystal,

      We are sorry to hear that the Organic Amalaki Scalp Oil Serum did not work for your hair.

      As captured on the ingredients list, the Organic Amalaki Scalp Oil Serum is formulated with nothing but the highest grade organic herbal extracts, nutrient-rich oils, and essential oils based on ancient sciences to strengthen hair follicle and condition the scalp.  It contains no synthetic ingredients or harmful chemicals.

      But, as you have noted, it doesn’t mean that it works for everyone all the time.  So we can completely appreciate that your hair did not react well to the product.

      With that said, we offer full refunds on all returned products for any reason.  So please send us an email,, to arrange for a refund of your order.

      With love and gratitude,

      Blue Beautifly

  29. Jill Schwartz (verified owner)

    Ok WOW! I just started using this scalp oil serum in the beginning of February and I am in LOVE! The smell is amazing and my hair feels so soft and looks healthier. I have been using this twice a week on the days that I wash my hair and I feel like I am already noticing a little growth. When I have time I also leave in overnight! My hair almost feels like silk when I use this and I truly enjoy putting it in and massaging my scalp. It’s the perfect relaxing treatment with actual results! I love it so much I just ordered another bottle and I’m not even half way through the first, I don’t want to be without it!

  30. rebekahperkins726 (verified owner)

    My formerly dry, itchy scalp drinks it in like it can’t get enough! The scent is divine and the amount of hairfall experienced has diminished noteably since treating my scalp weekly with the serum and reducing hair washes to once or twice a week. Between the switch to Calia shampoos and conditioners and the weekly or twice weekly scalp treatments, the dandruff and itchiness disappeared and my hair is thicker with less hair fall! Make the switch from mass produced, chemical laden products–you’ll never go back!

  31. Lila (verified owner)

    I use this product once a week and wash my hair twice a week. I put this on my scalp/hair and it substitutes conditioner. I don’t have to use conditioner now! This oil leaves my hair so soft. I feel like it has made my hair grow out healthier too. I’ll even put the excess from my fingers on the ends of my hair.

  32. angelkeisha18 (verified owner)

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I first heard about this product from holistichabits and this hair serum has changed my hair for the better. My hair has become much more thicker and stronger. I don’t have a lot of hair falling out of my scalp like I used to. My hair has grown so much longer. Ever since I used this product, it has helped my scalp tremendously on my dandruff problems. I’m typing this review right now as i have some of the serum on lol. And to add on, this smells AMAZING. The scent is so relaxing and so calming. I recommended this to mom and SHE LOVES IT! The shipment was fast, it arrived here in 2 DAYS with a lovely packaging. Will be buying more from this brand in the future. I 100% highly recommend this product.♡

  33. angelkeisha18 (verified owner)

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I first heard about this product from holistichabits and this hair serum has changed my hair for the better. My hair has become much more thicker and stronger. I don’t have a lot of hair falling out of my scalp like I used to. Ever since I used this product, it has helped my scalp tremendously on my dandruff problems. I’m typing this review right now as i have some of the serum on lol. And to add on, this smells AMAZING. The scent is so relaxing and so calming. I recommended this to mom and SHE LOVES IT! The shipment was fast, it arrived here in 2 DAYS with a lovely packaging. Will be buying more from this brand in the future. I 100% highly recommend this product.♡

  34. Mariah Villanueva (verified owner)

    Loving this product so far! I’ve been struggling with some recent hair loss (presumably from COVID related stress and diet) so I scavenged the internet for Ayurvedic hair care. I’m a long time subscriber to Sarah from Holistic Habits and I finally decided to make the commitment! This oil is chalked full of wonderful ingredients and the smell is as pleasant as everyone describes. In about two weeks time I’ve noticed my hair fall has significantly decreased! My hairline is finally growing back to normal and I even have new baby hairs! To get the most out of this product I do a scalp massage and leave the oil on overnight. Whenever I wash it out I noticed I no longer need conditioner ha!

    Also great customer service. Product arrived crazy fast (I live in California) and with samples 🙂 tyty

  35. Lila (verified owner)

    First off let me say Blue Beautifly customer service is superb! They are outstanding! They produce real, high quality products. This scalp oil treatment is exactly that; it is a treatment for your scalp, and it works amazingly! I feel like I’m at an expensive spa getting special treatment when I use it haha. It smells SO GOOD! The ingredients are fresh and after I apply the oil to my scalp, I can feel it working. I leave mine on overnight and the next day my hair is so soft and my scalp feels moisturized.. which I did not know it could feel like that before. It washes out great and it Does Not leave a sticky, greasy residue behind. My hair is shiny and healthier. It helped remove the buildup I had on my scalp, I feel like my scalp can breathe again! I’m so happy that I found this product as it is like no other (and I’ve tried many in the past). I found this product and website through Sarah from Holistic Habits on You Tube. Thank you Sarah and Blue Beautifly! Keep up the great work!!

  36. Tamra Owens (verified owner)

    There is a reason this hair serum has so many positive reviews!! Right before I found this company I went through a lot of trouble trying to find a good quality castor oil. And I did. But what I didn’t anticipate was how thick/sticky pure castor oil is. It was impossible to get it only on my roots, so I was wasting so much of it because in order to get it directly to my root I basically ended up coating my entire head with it. And it smelled SO BAD! The best thing I could do was dilute it with a carrier oil (which is what most people tell you to do.. I used olive oil, then tried coconut oil). Both smelled awful and still took a LOT to get it onto my roots.

    Then I found this hair serum and read the reviews… It lives up to them! Look at those ingredients. To get all the materials to make this, it would be so much work and super expensive. Jojoba oil is one of the best carrier oils to use with castor oil. This hair serum 1) smells AMAZING.. Subtle and minty. The peppermint is also stimulating to bring blood flow to your scalp. 2) is thin enough to actually spread onto your scalp without having it coat the entire head… Idk what it is, but this just bleeds seamlessly across my scalp!! 3) Even though this serum has other stuff in it to make it better at spreading, smell nicer, etc.. Look at the ingredients! Castor oil is still the third ingredient. I don’t know how they made this serum smell so good, and lose that thick yucky molasses-like texture while still maintaining such a high level of quality castor oil!

    Another unexpected plus is that I didn’t feel an intense need to wash out my hair right away after applying it. It’s not heavy the same way other oils are. The peppermint makes it feel so refreshing while it’s on your scalp. I sleep with it in no problem, and wouldn’t mind going out with it in either. It also really helped my dandruff.

    This is how I apply it: I fill up the eyedropper and run it from the front of my hairline to the apex of my head, then down the back of my head to the hairline above the back of my neck, the whole time applying gentle pressure to the eyedropper so it comes out slowly. I do this three times starting on the right of my head, then center, then left. Then I use my fingers at my scalp to massage it allover. Then I use my wooden brush to massage it even more, and carry a little of it to the rest of my hair before my shower. This is the best method!

  37. Jessica Baker (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! One use (left it for an hour ) and my hair felt thicker/full and brighter ! I’m obsessed. The smell is great and my hair felt so refreshing. Also , somehow I feel like my hair looks a bit lighter (not that I’m complaining ha ,I love it ) I’m so glad I bought this and I definitely will continue to buy . Too soon I know but is just the way it feels in my hair ugh love it .

  38. mbrownramirez1844 (verified owner)

    Wow, I am noticing a big difference. My hair is growing faster and I noticed that my hair is also getting thicker. Holistichabits recommends this and
    I use this once a week. Great stuff!

  39. f0feet_11 (verified owner)


  40. gwynnevere (verified owner)

    This product is outstanding! I’m so happy that I discovered it. I leave it on overnight and in the morning after I wash it out my hair is so unbelievably soft and smooth. Very smooth, and the sheen is remarkable. This is my second time applying. I can’t wait to see more benefits from this scalp oil!

    As others have stated, I too adore the scent. Thank you, Blue Beautifly, for creating such amazing products and thank you to Sarah of Holistic Habits YouTube channel for introducing me to Organic Amalaki Scalp Oil Serum.

  41. balli.selina

    I absolutely love this product and am so happy with my purchase! I’ve noticed a difference in the amount of hair fall after I started using it regularly and my hair looks & feels healthier!

  42. lxb07970 (verified owner)

    I purchased this product about three weeks ago, and it does wonders for my scalp! I’ve suffered from excess sebum for all of my life, and could never find products that would keep my oily, itchy, dandruff scalp at bay without making my hair feeling stripped and unhealthy. This oil smells absolutely bomb and has left my hair feeling nourished, shiny and soft. For best results I leave it in overnight, and get to enjoy the smell in my hair all day. My scalp has never felt healthier, I would definitely recommend!!

  43. gjgruber (verified owner)

    BEST SCALP TREATMENT EVER! I stumbled across this beautiful gem almost a year ago and I have been using it ever since. The smell is to die for and the results, let’s just say my hair has never been better. It has such beautiful ingredients that are certified organic. I use this weekly and recommend it to everyone who ask me about my hair!

  44. cearamenard (verified owner)

    I use this twice a week and sometimes around my hairline and lightly in my eyebrows before bed; my brows are coming in thicker and my hair feels stronger. I don’t get a greasy residue when washed out and it smells amazing!

  45. jairaazaria (verified owner)

    I ordered the Amalaki Scalp Oil Serum and it is absolutely amazing; Both the smell and the effects of it! I left it as an overnight conditioner and washed it out the next morning. My hair was amazingly soft and had a great shine.
    Also the customer service of Blue Beautifly is impeccable. There was an issue with the delivery (not their fault) and they did their absolute best to solve the issue. Very grateful for their service and products. I can totally recommend it to everyone!

  46. nataliejamis (verified owner)

    Best product ever! Since I started using this my hair completely changed! I don’t blow out my hair anymore. It’s super nourishing and hair feels soft and looks shiny! Best investment, will use this for the rest of my life.

  47. bmramirez89 (verified owner)

    This scalp treatment is amazing!! I had lost a lot of hair density after years on birth control pills and this product helped me grow it back; even my hairstylist noticed how much fuller my hair has become! I also suffer from itchy, flaky scalp in Colorado and this has helped keep all that at bay. This product is definitely worth every penny and it’s the only scalp treatment you’ll ever need. Blue Beautifly is a wonderful company with great customer service and I love supporting them and their amazing products 🙂

  48. rrebekah41 (verified owner)

    Love this scalp treatment! I’ve been using this for almost a month now and noticed that it has helped my itchy dry scalp. It also works great as a light oil moisturizer for hair (as well as a nice hair mask). Also want to thank Blue Beautifly for their amazing customer service! My package was originally delayed so they sent me another one just in time before I left for vacation (along with lovely samples). Planning to buy their Cranberry Moisturizer and Grapefruit Cleanser soon. Thank you Blue Beautifly!

  49. tijerina.jen (verified owner)

    Have you looked at the insane ingredient list? Those are some incredible Ayurveda elements. This scalp treatment is incredible, it smells and feels so luxurious on the scalp. I purchased it due to my scalp issues and hair loss, hoping to see some growth within the next month. It’s too soon to tell but I absolutely adore and appreciate the ingredient list and can’t get over this smell. It is so calming, I look forward to this every week that I use it.

  50. chanel.vazquez (verified owner)

    A++ for customer service, there was a delay in my order being processed and while i didnt reach out to them the company still ended up sending me an extra bottle and a cute card with an apology for the inconvenience. The serum itself is packaged very nicely and smells amazing cannot wait to use

  51. virk.amrita (verified owner)

    This serum really helped control dandruff that was persistent for years. Highly recommend.

  52. guszkaszaefer (verified owner)

    This oil smells amzaing! I love it !!! It leaves my hair so soft and healthy !!!

  53. shannendm94 (verified owner)

    I’m from Italy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!! I have PCOS so I lost soo much hair and it became thin and unhealthy, but this scalp treatment works wonders on my head! my hair looks healthy again , it’s has never been this shiny ! My hair is increasing in density and it’s getting thicker. And I absolutely love the smell.
    I have to thank Sarah from Holistic Habits from Youtube for showing this AMAZING brand. Thank you Blue Beautifly.
    I hope that one day I will be able to find this brand in Europe!!!

  54. jasia.correa (verified owner)

    HEAVENLY!! I apply this to my scalp AND face just so I can smell it while I fall asleep! I’ll be honest, I use it in addition to many other scalp oils, so it is difficult to tell if this product is assisting with my growth and health in isolation, but the ingredients are absolutely amazing and perfect for hair and skin, so I’m convinced it definitely helps! Plus…the SMELL IS AMAZING! 🙂

  55. lidya_pm (verified owner)

    Amazing product !:) It works very well on my scalp and leaves my hair so soft and healty ^-^! I recommend this product

  56. Briana.wright333 (verified owner)

    I wasn’t too keen on the smell at first, but I did notice a significant difference in my hair. It does seem softer, healthier, and longer than before. This is definitely worth the money and will last for a while. Will buy again!

  57. logantheresa (verified owner)

    This product smells so good and my scalp feel refreshed after using it.

  58. Valerie (verified owner)

    Notice less hair fall out after using this product & it smells amazzzzzzzing!!!! 🙂

  59. Susan (verified owner)

    This scalp oil treatment is exactly that; it is a TREATMENT for your scalp, and it works so very well. The ingredients are fresh and after I apply the oil to my scalp, I can feel it working and my scalp gets immediate relief from any irritation. My hair is also increasing in density and getting thicker. I’m so happy that I found this product as it is like no other. I’m American, and I found this website through Sarah from Holistic Habits on You Tube. Thank you Sarah and Blue Beautifly.

  60. Fran (verified owner)

    Love this product so much. I was diagnose with Alopecia and it’s been helping me a lot.

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